About Us

Founder's Letter

I founded WadeCo Specialties in 2005 on the simple premise that quality products delivered by experienced technicians under a chemical program supported by on-going testing and reporting would deliver a better bottom line for the customer.

WadeCo’s staying power with the customers who use our services is driven by the results we enable them to achieve. By structuring your program on testing to determine needs and being committed to continuing to evaluate and report results, WadeCo is the most effective chemical partner you can have in the effort to maximize the investment in your assets for the long haul.

Sometimes, this even means adjusting the program to treat with less chemicals! A lot of people would argue that it is not good for business to reduce the quantity of chemicals delivered to the customer, but if you are in the business of improving customer results, and not just selling product, then you have to pay attention to what the well or pipeline is telling you.

Around that founding premise, we have built a team of dedicated, well trained and most importantly, customer driven people. From top to bottom our organization has the singular focus of ensuring that your needs are met consistently.

Give our team an opportunity to tell you more about how we do it differently. You will not be disappointed!

- Wade Havens

President's Letter

When I joined WadeCo Specialties in 2007, I started out treating wells and managing inventory. That “hands on” experience has guided me ever since.

WadeCo’s strength from the beginning has been its ability to deliver effective chemical solutions tailored to the specific needs of the asset being treated. Whether it is a new well being drilled, a well in the completion phase, a producing well, a disposal well or a pipeline, delivering on this promise requires organization, coordination and most of all communication. As WadeCo has grown over the years, it has been my focus to ensure that we have the equipment, the products, and the people and just as important, the structure to coordinate all three of these elements to ensure that WadeCo meets the commitment to the customer.

To make it all happen we have:

  • designed and built custom equipment to deliver product efficiently and economically
  • improved our inventory management processes to ensure adequate stock levels at all times
  • strategically located storage facilities to be near our key customers
  • developed the organization to coordinate between all the elements of a top chemical program, from testing, to delivery to reporting results
  • committed ourselves to maintaining the high level of service that has been our trademark through every new area and every new account

Delivering on the promise of an effective chemical solution for your specific application with integrity and passion - that goal is what has driven WadeCo from the beginning and it is the goal that will continue to drive us forward in the future.

Let us show you how our commitment can benefit you.

- Ryan Havens

Wade Havens

Founder & CEO

Wade founded WadeCo in 2005 and has lead the company’s growth from a two man/two truck operation to the eight locations it operates today. Prior to founding WadeCo, Wade had accumulated over 30 years of oil and gas chemical experience in key positions for various chemical providers.

Ryan Havens


Ryan joined the business in 2007, initially filling roles from service technician to operations manager, before assuming his current role as President in 2014. Ryan has effectively been in and around oil field chemicals his whole life and now brings that experience to bear in all phases of WadeCo’s operations.

Cody Vogler


Cody has over 10 years of oilfield experience, including a variety of finance and management roles. Most recently with Globe Energy Services as VP of Business Integration & Technology, Cody joined the team in 2014 to help integrate acquisitions and lead the development of the finance and accounting team.

Gary Varnadore

VP Sales

Gary has been in the oilfield chemical business for 30+ years, working with various chemical providers in the industry. After learning of Wade Havens’ vision for a high service oriented chemical supplier, Gary joined the WadeCo team in 2012, bringing his significant knowledge and experience to the task of spreading that concept and moving WadeCo forward.

Brandon Blau

VP Logistics

Brandon joined WadeCo in 2011 and has developed in to a key player, having helped develop and implement the flexible delivery model that has been one of the cornerstones of the company’s service model. Leveraging his background in construction and fabrication, Brandon has directed the construction of WadeCo’s unique treating systems and manages inventory distribution and logistics for the company.

Doyce Taylor

VP Operations

Doyce joined the WadeCo Specialties team in 2014 and brings 25 years’ experience in the production chemical industry to the team. Doyce has experience with super majors, large independents and small independents in the Permian Basin and South Texas.

Kyle Johnson

Director HSE/Risk Management

Kyle joined the WadeCo team in 2015 to focus on risk management and HSE initiatives as well as develop operational excellence programs. Kyle brings over 15 years of oilfield services risk management, HSE, and operational management experience.