WadeCo Specialties was founded on the basic principle of providing customers with solutions to their chemical needs by leveraging deep experience and providing superior service. WadeCo’s approach of customizing solutions for each area and customer has enabled tremendous growth since its inception in 2005. The keys to our success are in the basics of our approach:

  • Customized solutions specific to your application
  • Customer service through flexible delivery systems
  • Continuous improvement

WadeCo provides solutions tailored to your specific situation that incorporate its employees, services, equipment and products to ensure your 100% satisfaction. WadeCo combines its flexible service model with many years of experience at all levels of the organization from upper management to field level, and even in administration to provide the most complete chemical solutions in the oil and gas industry. WadeCo’s core team has many years of experience providing chemical solutions for every application in the oil and gas industry including: Drilling, Completion, Production, Pipeline and Disposal. WadeCo has the resources and knowledge to aggressively attack any issue your oil and gas operation may encounter.

WadeCo prides itself on its innovative approach to managing the logistics that form the foundation of its customer service focus. Years of experience applied to developing the best delivery systems for specific applications enable WadeCo maintain a level of flexibility with its resources that is unmatched. What this means for you is that WadeCo can provide the highest level of service possible at a competitive cost.

Embracing the philosophy of continuous improvement, WadeCo is always looking to enhance processes and operations by applying new technology. Our ability to manage operations effectively means our resources in the field resources can be more attentive and responsive to your needs. No other chemical supplier offers the level of real time feedback and program adjustment that is provided by WadeCo.

Experience and superior service. Call us today to put our approach to work solving the cost and effectiveness equation for your chemical service needs.