WadeCo provides effective chemical solutions for a wide variety of oilfield applications. From drilling to fracing to completion and production, WadeCo delivers the right products in the right quantities to ensure the maximum performance of your assets.

  • I founded WadeCo Specialties in 2005 on the simple premise that quality products delivered by experienced technicians under a chemical program supported by on-going testing and reporting would deliver a better bottom line for the customer.

    WadeCo’s staying power with the customers who use our services is driven by the results we enable them to achieve. By structuring your program on testing to determine needs and being committed to continuing to evaluate and report results, WadeCo is the most effective chemical partner you can have in the effort to maximize the investment in your assets for the long haul.

    Sometimes, this even means adjusting the program to treat with less chemicals! A lot of people would argue that it is not good for business to reduce the quantity of chemicals delivered to the customer, but if you are in the business of improving customer results, and not just selling product, then you have to pay attention to what the well or pipeline is telling you.

    Around that founding premise, we have built a team of dedicated, well trained and most importantly, customer driven people. From top to bottom our organization has the singular focus of ensuring that your needs are met consistently.

    Give our team an opportunity to tell you more about how we do it differently. You will not be disappointed!

    — Wade Havens

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WadeCo Specialties was founded on the basic principle of providing customers with solutions to their chemical needs by leveraging deep experience and providing superior service.

WadeCo combines its flexible service model with many years of experience at all levels of the organization from upper management to field level, and even in administration to provide the most complete chemical solutions in the oil and gas industry. Learn more about Our Approach Here.


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